How To Pack Cups For Moving

If you’re gearing up for a relocation and are puzzled about the best way to pack cups for the journey, there are several strategies and advice available to ensure your fragile items, like cups and mugs, are securely packed. Without proper protection, there’s a risk of finding your delicate glassware and cups damaged upon unpacking in your new residence.

How to pack cups for moving

What You Need To Pack Cups For Moving Safely?

Before taking your cups out of the cupboards, get all the necessary packing materials. The most important are:

  • quality removal boxes
  • packing paper
  • bubble wrap
  • tape
  • marker

Use medium size boxes to pack cups for moving. Cups or mugs or not large and can fit into a smaller box. Make sure the boxes are minimum double-walled, dry and thick enough for better protection.

Packing paper and bubble wrap will be used to wrap and pack cups and mugs for moving. If used properly, this is more than enough protection. Use the marker to label the boxes correctly. If the moving box is not marked fragile write fragile from all sides and arrows showing how the box must be placed.

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What Are The Best Moving Boxes For Glasses?

The best moving boxes for glasses are typically sturdy, small to medium-sized, and come with dividers or cells to keep each glass separated and protected. You can consider using specialized glassware boxes designed with compartments or partition kits for customization. Additionally, foam padding or bubble wrap should be used inside each cell to provide extra cushioning and prevent breakage during the move.

How To Pack Wine Glasses For Moving?

To pack wine glasses for moving, start by wrapping each glass individually with bubble wrap, securing the wrap with tape to provide ample cushioning. Place the wrapped glasses in a sturdy box, ideally a divided cell box, ensuring each glass fits snugly to prevent movement during transit. Fill any gaps between the glasses with crumpled packing paper or additional bubble wrap for extra protection. Finally, label the box as “Fragile” and “This Side Up” to ensure careful handling and proper orientation during the move.

Why Cups and Mugs Are Not Easy To Pack?

When you are preparing your kitchen for your coming house removals, you will find that it is not that easy to pack cups for moving. The same goes for the mugs and glassware in general. This is because of a couple of reasons:

  • Cups and mugs are very fragile. Cups are made from porcelain and can break easily if there is too much pressure. You will need to wrap the cups and mugs for moving with plenty of bubble wrap and paper to make sure they do not touch one another and break.
  • Sentimental value. Cups most of the time hold sentimental value. What this basically means is that even though porcelain cups and mugs are inexpensive to replace, they almost always happen to be gifts from relatives or friends. Prepare and pack them adequately so you do not regret later when unpacking the boxes

Get Rid Of Old And Unwanted Cups

Most people tend to collect lots of cups and mugs over the years, although we probably use half of them or our favourite ones. Moving home is the perfect time to decide which cups are collecting dust only and to get rid of them. Taking less will save you time and money. If you can, take all cups out and place the ones you will take on one side and the cups you don`t really need on the other.

Get a box or two and place the cups for disposal into the box. Label the box ”RUBBISH” and in case you will have more to declutter, you can take all disposal items to your local recycling centre. Alternatively, you can give them to a second-hand shop, where other people can bring new life to your old cups and mugs.

Secure The Moving Box

Once the box has been assembled, the very first thing you will need to do is to place plenty of crumpled paper and bubble wrap at the bottom of the box. Then pack the cups for moving and place them carefully inside the box. Always place the heavy cups at the bottom and light on top. There also needs to be plenty of crumpled paper between, around and on the top of the cups, so they are protected from all sides.

Pack the box full. Leaving the box half empty might create a risk of falling boxes inside the removal van as a half-packed box will not hold the boxes placed on top of it.

Packing Cup Mats And Saucers

With packing the cups and mugs for moving, you will need to pack the saucers too. They will also be made of the same material as the cups, so wrap them individually with paper or bubble wrap. All saucers must be placed horizontally inside the box as if placed on top of each other will increase the chance of a break. Cup mats most likely are not fragile. They are also light and can be placed on top of the all-packed cups without the need for extra wrapping.

Free Packing Materials You Can Use

If you are on a limited budget for moving home, use newspapers, old magazines or even old clothes to pack the cups and mugs for moving. Apply the same packing method as described earlier and wrap each cup individually. You can use old clothes at the bottom and on all sides instead of crumpled paper. Do not leave your cups to destiny, as you might be disappointed to find a broken cup with sentimental value once the move is over.

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