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Piano Movers

Using Piano Moving Service Benefits

Lifting, carrying and protecting a piano looks easy when done by experienced removal men.

Manpower: A piano moving company can send 3 or 4 trained and strong piano movers. Finding friends who can lift 300-400 kg pianos can be a truly difficult task.

Appropriate Equipment: They possess the right tools and equipment to safely transport pianos. A professional piano dolly costs around £200-£250. Your moving costs can be close to the amount of buying equipment.

Injury Prevention: Using professional movers reduces the risk of personal injury that can occur from lifting and moving such a cumbersome item.

Insurance Coverage: You can damage the piano by moving it yourself and you will pay from your pocket. Using house removal services, experts in piano moves always come with insurance coverage.

Piano Moving Service

When Is The Best Time To Hire Piano Movers?

For a smooth piano move, it’s best to book the movers on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, in the morning or early afternoon. These times are great because the movers are full of energy, there’s less traffic, and it’s easier to see what they’re doing. Plus, if you can, plan your move for the middle of the month. During this time, moving companies aren’t as busy as they are at the beginning or end of the month, so you might get better service and maybe even a better deal!

Equipment Needed To Move A Piano

Moving a piano requires specialized equipment for safety and efficiency. First, a piano dolly, also known as piano moving trolley, is essential for transporting the piano without causing damage. Second, piano skid boards are used for moving grand pianos, providing support and stability. Third, heavy-duty straps are needed to secure the piano during transit, preventing any movement. Finally, padding and blankets are crucial to protect the piano’s surface from scratches and dings during the move.

Piano Moving Costs

How much cost to move a piano locally or long-distance?

The average cost of moving a piano in the UK can range significantly depending on several factors. For a general idea, you might expect to pay between £180-£300 for a local move (within the same town or city). For longer-distance moves, or for more complex jobs (such as moving a grand piano), the costs can rise significantly, often reaching into the £500-£1,000 range or more.

What are the main factors that contribute to the final piano moving costs?

  • How Many Men Are Needed: Upright pianos can be moved by 2 men only, while grand pianoes will require 3 or 4 men at least.
  • Type of Piano: Upright pianos are usually lighter and easier to manoeuvre than grand pianos, which tend to be heavier and more unwieldy. Therefore, moving a grand piano would typically cost more than moving an upright piano.
  • Distance of the Move: Moving a piano within the same city will usually be cheaper than moving it across the country or internationally. The further the distance, the higher the cost.
  • Difficulty of the Move: If your piano needs to be moved up or down stairs, through narrow doorways or corridors, or there are other complex factors involved (like using a crane to hoist it out of a window), this will likely increase the cost.
  • Insurance: If you choose to take out additional insurance to protect your piano during the move, this will also add to the overall cost. Some piano movers include a certain level of insurance in their base price, but if you have a particularly valuable piano, you might want to consider extra coverage.

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Piano Movers FAQs

Get answers to almost everything you don`t understand. Make an informative decision on who to hire.

Q: How many people are needed to move a grand piano?

To safely move a grand piano, at least three to four experienced movers are typically needed. The exact number can vary based on the piano’s size and the complexity of the move, such as navigating stairs or narrow spaces. Movers should be knowledgeable in dismantling and reassembling the piano parts. Always engage a professional piano moving service to handle such a delicate instrument.

If you are planning to store your belongings in a storage being the moving company`s warehouse or self-storage, you will not be allowed to store any type of food even for a day. The reason is a risk of contamination and pests for the storage company and the other customers.

Q: Is it OK to move a piano by yourself?

Attempting to move a piano by yourself is generally not advised due to the instrument’s size, weight, and delicacy. Inappropriate handling can damage the piano and potentially lead to costly repairs. Additionally, trying to move such a heavy object without proper training and equipment can pose a significant risk of personal injury. It’s always recommended to use professional piano movers to ensure a safe and secure transition.

Q: Can you find me piano disposal services?

Certainly! Book House Removals can help you find piano disposal services through our network of trusted removals providers. We’ll make the process easy and convenient for you. Submit your request and let us connect you with local experts.

Q: How long it takes to move a piano?

The time it takes to move a piano can vary greatly depending on several factors.

Upright piano ( Ground floor to ground floor ) – loading and unloading time around 30-40 minutes

Grand piano ( Ground floor to ground floor ) – preparations, loading and unloading up to 60 minutes

Each extra floor could add an extra 10-15 minutes to the overall time

Distance between properties is also important. Every 50-60 miles on the mottorway will add an extra hour, but if moving in a big city even a short 4-5 miles ride can take the same time due to the heavy traffic

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