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Yes, we know it 🙂 Moving long-distance will be more dramatic and chaotic compared to moving within the same area you currently live. This is where the role of the long-distance movers comes into play. You have two main reasons- do not want to be bothered moving luggage and furniture and need experienced and friendly experts.  So why not try our comparison service? Submit your details now and get long-distance movers who can provide low-stress moves without breaking your bank account.


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How Much Long-Distance Removals Cost?

The average long-distance moving price is £1445. Cross-country relocations can be expensive. The cost of a long-distance move is £280 for every 100 miles travelled by the standard team of 2 men with a van. This is an average price just for the travel between the pickup and delivery address excluding the loading, unloading and any additional removal services. The long-distance moves are more complicated and typically they have more factors influencing the final long-distance price.

What are the main moving cost factors?


Long-distance moves cost £140-£220 more per hour. For example, a 2-hour move is at least £280 pricier than a local one.


More items mean higher costs. Using a Luton van, exceeding 3.5t necessitates a second van, increasing fuel and driver expenses.


Many long-distance movers also offer extra services like packing and storage. Any added service will increase the price.


Moving in summer or early autumn costs 15-20% more. Booking 7-8 weeks in advance can lead to significant discounts.


Difficult access, like stairs or distant parking, increases costs, varying from minimal to significant based on complexity.


Moving internationally is also considered a long-distance move and it can be much more expensive compared to moving within the UK.

Pitfalls To Avoid With Cross-Country Movers

What are the most common challenges and complaints when it comes to using professional help moving far away?

Hidden Charges

Ask the chosen countrywide movers to confirm all prices before you commit to their services. Ask them what extra charges they might apply in different situations like access delays, more items to move and even traffic delays.

Proof of Insurance

Request for all insurance documents to be sent to you prior to the move. Check for liability limits when moving long-distance and get information on what will happen if there are any damages, issues and delays with the delivery. 

Long distance removals

Avoid Booking Last Minute

It will be more expensive. Most reputable long-distance movers will have no availability. You might not have enough time to pack and organize the move properly. It could be very stressful for you and your family.

Packers & Movers Benefits

Having professional help to do the boring stuff and heavy lifting is so much easier.


Skilled packers will save you so much time compared to doing it by yourself. They will label the boxes in a certain way, which can speed up the moving part too.

Quality Materials

All packing and moving companies use quality removal boxes and protection materials like paper and bubble wrap. You don`t need to worry which boxes you should buy.

No Injuries

Using professional movers reduces the risk of personal injury that can occur from lifting and moving such a cumbersome item.

Long Distance removal van

“Efficient, professional, and seamless! Our recent experience with the movers booked through this website was exceptional. From start to finish, flawless execution left us thoroughly impressed. Highly recommend for those seeking top-notch relocation assistance in the area!”

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Long-Distance Movers vs DIY

What are the pros and cons of each method when moving between properties?

Pay For Expert Service

The movers will bring a large van or a lorry to move everything in one go.

No need to look for blankets and protection, the removal men will do it for you.

Experienced long-distance moving companies will create a plan and find the shortest and quickest way.

You will get insurance cover in case of any damages and delays.

No need to lift heavy furniture, disassemble beds and even pack boxes. On your request, the moving crew will do everything.

It might be more expensive to use help from the pros.

The loading and unloading times might not be very suitable as the moving company will have to follow a strict moving plan.

Do It Yourself

It can be cheaper as you can you the help of friends, pack the boxes and ask someone you know who has a van to help with the transport.

Flexibility on what, when and how to be done.

You will need to hire a van, provide documents and pay a deposit. You might have issues returning the van if the rental company is not nationwide. If you need a lorry, you most probably do not have the license to drive it.

Whatever you pack and move by yourself will not be insured. If something is broken you will have to pay from your own pocket.

Some items might be very heavy and you can risk your health.

If you can`t fit everything in one go, you will have to do multiple long-distance trips. This can be very exhausting and time-consuming.

Cross-Country Movers FAQs

Make an informative decision on who to hire.

When the cross-country movers will load my stuff?

The scale and distance of your move largely determine its process. For moves over 300 miles, most long-distance movers prefer to load one day and deliver the next morning. However, for smaller moves, they can complete it in a single day.

For international moves within nearby countries like France, Germany, or the Netherlands, the timing depends on your preferred delivery schedule. Moves to other continents typically involve shipping containers.

Will my plants survive a long-distance move?

The survival of your plants during a long-distance move depends on various factors such as the duration of the move, the type of plants, and the conditions they are transported in. Most moving companies do not transport plants because they require specific care and are sensitive to temperature changes and lack of sunlight. If you choose to move them yourself, you’ll need to prepare them properly and keep them in a stable, climate-controlled environment. For best results, consider moving them in your own vehicle and research the specific needs of each plant species for the journey.

Is 100 miles considered a long-distance removals?

A 100-mile move is generally considered a long-distance move by most UK movers. This classification is based on the fact that it exceeds the typical range of a local move, which is usually around 50 miles or less. Long-distance moves often require more planning, resources, and potentially different pricing structures than shorter, local moves.

When do I pay the movers when I am moving long-distance?

Typically, payment for long-distance movers is settled upon delivery at the destination address. Once the movers have completed the transportation and unloading of your belongings, you can settle the payment according to the agreed terms.

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