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When considering hiring student moving services, you are probably looking for a cost-effective solution. Moving with just a few bags and suitcases will not be a problem at all. You won`t even need a van. The issue finding cheap student moving services comes when you have furniture too. Moving a sofa, a bed and even the desk you are using for writing are too big and heavy.

So what do you do?

Book House Removals can help you find and compare various local experts. Using professional help doesn’t necessarily mean spending lots of money. But before you start looking for a student removal company, check what are the average prices on the market, what you will be asked and how to prepare for your move.

How Much Does Student Movers Cost?

The average local student moving costs is £275. The prices for a long-distance student move will vary greatly depending on the distance travelled. The cost of moving as a student will depend on a few important factors:

The volume of the move – the more items needed moving, the more expensive your move will be.

Travel distance – moving to a university or college in another city will be more expensive compared to moving to a local one. The chosen student moving company has to add the expenses for fuel and staff hours to the final bill.

Using additional services – extra services like packing, furniture assembly, and storage will increase the moving price.

Moving date – if you decide to move on a busy day or you start looking for movers at the last moment, it is highly likely the movers to charge you more. Urgent requests are in most cases 20-30% more expensive compared to a request sent 2-3 weeks before your moving date.

You also need to be aware that many companies have a minimum charge, even if your move is very small. This means that even if your move is 1-1.5 hours as labor, the student moving company might want to charge you for at least 3 or 4 hours. Speak with the chosen company about the minimum charge, before accepting their quote.

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Extra Student Moving Services

What additional help you can get when hiring a professional moving service?

Packing The Boxes

Yes, you can pay to the removal men to pack the boxes for you. However, you must choose whether to pay extra for this convenience or pack on your own to save money.

Typically, the cost for two movers to pack your boxes is about £50-£60 per hour. On average, two skilled movers can pack between 15-20 boxes.


Student moving companies provide both short-term and long-term storage options, catering to the needs of students during transitions such as semester breaks or relocation. This service offers a flexible solution for safely storing belongings when returning home or moving to new accommodations.


Student moving companies in the UK can transport belongings anywhere within the country. As a student, you might get a much cheaper long-distance moving service. They handle everything from small items to large furniture, making student moves smoother. Some also offer global services for international studies or moves.

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Factors To Consider

Budget: Determine how much you can afford to spend and look for options that fit within your financial constraints. Many students have limited budgets, so affordability is often a top priority.

Reputation: Research the reputation and reliability of the removal companies you’re considering. Read reviews from other students or customers to get an idea of their track record.

Insurance: Ensure that the student movers offer adequate insurance coverage for your belongings. You may have valuable items like electronics and furniture that need protection during the move.

Experience: Look for removal companies with experience in handling student moves. They may be more attuned to the specific needs and challenges students face.

Services Offered: Consider the range of services offered. Some removal companies provide packing and unpacking services, which can be a big help for busy students.

Additional Fees: Inquire about any additional fees or hidden costs, such as fuel charges, packing materials, or extra labour fees. Transparency in pricing is crucial for students on a budget.

References: Request references or reviews from other students who have used the relocation company’s services. This can provide valuable insights into their experiences.

Customer Support: Assess the responsiveness and helpfulness of the removal company’s customer support. Good communication is essential for addressing any concerns or questions.

Student Movers FAQs

Get answers to almost everything you don`t understand. Make an informative decision on who to hire.

Q: Can I Hire A Driver With A Van For My Student Move?

Definitely. If you’re capable, you can assist the driver with loading and unloading your items. If not, most man & van companies can provide an additional helper for a small fee. For students, a smaller local company is often more suitable than a large relocation firm, as student moves are generally less extensive.

Q: Will Student Moving Companies Offer A Discount?

Many student moving services offer discounts, recognizing students’ financial constraints and high educational expenses. Using a comparison service like Book A Mover can be very beneficial. By comparing prices, you can save 20-30% off the typical student moving rates.

Q: How Can I Save Money But Still Using Moving Help?

  • Do the packing by yourself
  • Get free second-hand boxes from your local shops
  • Group move – moving with your friends or colleagues is a way to save you money if you split the bill. Same as sharing a taxi!
  • Sell furniture and items you won`t need
  • Submit your details through Book A Mover at least 4-5 weeks before your move
  • Use the help of friends to load and hire only a man and van service

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