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Packing and moving services can alleviate the stress of moving, which can often be overwhelming. Our platform offers a comparison service that connects you with experienced and friendly movers who can pack too at competitive rates. Say goodbye to taping and labelling numerous boxes and lifting heavy furniture. Your moving journey can start here!


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How Much Pack and Move Cost?

The average packing and moving price in the UK currently is £885. The final price can vary due to a few factors.

What are the main packing and moving cost factors?


Depending on how much furniture and belongings you have accumulated, the moving company will calculate how many vehicles and manpower will be needed for the move.


Moving out of a flat on the second or third floor with no lift available, will most likely take more time compared to moving out of a house with direct loading access.


Many movers and packers also offer extra services like clearance, storage, specialist removals and even cleaning. Any added service will increase the price.


Moving far will cost more compared to a local move simply because the fuel cost and travel time add up to the final price. A much better protection must be applied too.

Packing Costs

The cost of using a professional packing service will be determined by the number of boxes which need packing and the number of breakables compared to non-fragile items. The more fragile items will require wrapping, the longer it will take the packing team to finish their job. As an example, a team of 2 packers can pack up to 10 fragile items boxes in an hour. On the other hand, for the same amount of time, they can easily pack 25-30 boxes with books and clothes.

Property SizeBoxes NeededCosts
1 bed20-30£520
2 beds40-60£945
3 beds70-100£1388

There are always ways to save money when moving. You can pack the clothes and leave the kitchen. Also, many movers and packers offer used boxes in good condition for almost nothing ( and some even offer them for free! ). Using second-hand boxes can save you hundreds of pounds, literally.

Packing Supplies You Will Need

When preparing to move house, it’s essential to gather the right packing supplies to protect your belongings during the transition. Sturdy cardboard boxes in various sizes are crucial for accommodating different items, while packing tape is needed to securely seal the boxes. Bubble wrap and packing paper are indispensable for cushioning fragile items like dishes and glassware to prevent breakage. Additionally, labeling materials such as markers and stickers will help in organizing and identifying the contents quickly during the unpacking process.

Piano dolly

Large boxes

Protection materials

Protection supplies

Book box removals

Book boxes

Piano dolly

Padded blankets

Packers & Movers Benefits

Having professional help to do the boring stuff and heavy lifting is so much easier.


Skilled packers will save you so much time compared to doing it by yourself. They will label the boxes in a certain way, which can speed up the moving part too.

Quality Materials

All packing and moving companies use quality removal boxes and protection materials like paper and bubble wrap. You don`t need to worry which boxes you should buy.

No Injuries

Using professional movers reduces the risk of personal injury that can occur from lifting and moving such a cumbersome item.

Packers and movers feedback

“We found the best packers and movers through this comparison website, and it was fantastic. The removal men were great – professional, fast, and took good care of our stuff. We would not hesitate to recommend them!”

Mateo and David


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Hire Movers and Packers vs DIY

What are the pros and cons of each method when moving between properties?

Pay For Expert Service

Your move will be much quicker and better organized.

You don`t need to look for boxes and materials as the company you choose with come equipped.

No need to take too much time off work, so you can use your holiday for something more fun.

You don`t need to worry about how you will move heavy items like a piano or a washing machine.

The moving crew will bring all necessary tools to take any furniture apart if needed. They will assemble it too.

It might be more expensive to use help from the pros.

You won`t have much control like sorting the clothes or books in a specific way when packing. The moving company will give you a quote based on hours they believe are enough to complete the move and the removal men sent will not have unlimited time and must follow strict rules and timing.

Do It Yourself

It can be cheaper as you can do it with the help of friends, pack the boxes and ask someone you know who has a van to help with the transport.

Flexibility on what, when and how to be done.

Whatever you pack and move by yourself will not be insured. If something is broken you will have to pay from your pocket.

You will need to hire a van, provide documents and pay a deposit.

You might use cheap boxes that will result in damages to your belongings as the protection is not adequate.

Some items might be very heavy and you can risk your health.

If you live in a big property, you most likely have a lot to pack and dismantle. This will take you days, even weeks, just to prepare to move.

Packers and Movers FAQs

Make an informative decision on who to hire.

Will they pack my food and fridge?

Most UK packers and movers will not pack frozen food or empty your fridge. There are removal firms offering to help with this task but always ask before choosing your moving company if their insurance allows it or not.

If you are planning to store your belongings in a storage being the moving company`s warehouse or self-storage, you will not be allowed to store any type of food even for a day. The reason is a risk of contamination and pests for the storage company and the other customers.

Do I need to give tips to the packers?

Giving a tip to the people packing and moving your home or office is an individual decision. The question Do you need to give a tip to the Packers separately can have different answers.

If you would like to express gratitude and give tips, you can give them to the packers if they are separate from the movers. You most likely will not see them again. But if the same movers are doing the packing too, we suggest waiting until the end of the move. You can always buy the movers and packers some refreshments and lunch if you simply want to say thank you for their hard work.

Is it OK to move a piano by yourself?

Attempting to move a piano by yourself is generally not advised due to the instrument’s size, weight, and delicacy. Inappropriate handling can damage the piano and potentially lead to costly repairs. Additionally, trying to move such a heavy object without proper training and equipment can pose a significant risk of personal injury. It’s always recommended to use professional piano movers to ensure a safe and secure transition.

Does the insurance cover packing and moving?

If you hire one company to do both packing and moving, their insurance should cover both services – packing the boxes and moving your belongings. Always read all quotes and documents sent to you when comparing movers & packers before making your final decision. Do not be afraid and make phone calls if needed, so the removal company can explain exactly what will be covered by their insurance.

Can I use separate firms for each service?

You can absolutely use one moving company to pack your belongings and another to do the move. This is often used when moving abroad. Some international moving companies do not offer packing services, so you will have to find someone else to do the packing.

On the other hand, using one house removal company to do everything is much more simple and cheaper. In case of any issues, if you use 2 firms, they can use the excuse of blaming each other for not taking responsibility.

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