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Why on earth do you want to pack boxes? Unless this is making you less stressed, getting packing services as part of the main removals can free your time to do other important tasks or even enjoy the moving process. Most movers offer different packing service plans – partial packing, fragile items only packing, packing and unpacking, packing only a specific room in your home, or packing per hour.  Let`s dive in a bit more into this topic to see if you will consider using professional packers.

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What is a Removals Packing Service?

A removal packing service is a specialized service offered by house moving companies designed to assist you in preparing for a move. Rather than just transporting your belongings from one location to another, you can ask for the moving company to send packing specialists to protect and pack all your small items into professional moving boxes.

Here are some key features often included in a removal packing service:

Full Packing

Professional packers come to your home prior to the move to pack all items, including small household goods, fragile items, and even furniture if needed. This can take place a day before the move or sometimes on the actual moving day, depending on the scale of the operation.

Partial Packing

Some companies offer partial packing services for people who want to pack some of their belongings themselves but may need help with more complicated or fragile items like kitchenware, electronics, or artwork.

Unpacking Services

In addition to packing your items, many companies also offer unpacking services at your new residence, though this is often an optional add-on.

Custom Crating

For particularly fragile or valuable items like artwork or antiques, some services offer custom crating solutions designed to provide additional protection.

Supply of Packing Materials

Even if you opt to do the packing yourself, many removal companies offer the option to purchase or rent the necessary packing materials from them.

Insurance and Liability

Most professional packing services offer some kind of insurance for your belongings while they are in their care, offering peace of mind that you will be covered in the event of loss or damage.

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Is It Worth Paying For Full Packing Services Or You Can Do It Yourself?

The question of whether it’s worth paying for a full packing service or doing it yourself largely depends on your individual circumstances, such as your budget, time constraints, and the complexity of your move. Below are some factors to consider:

Pros of Full Packing Service

  • Professional Expertise: A full packing service brings a level of expertise that is likely to result in your items being packed more securely and efficiently.
  • Time-Saving: You save a considerable amount of time, which can be especially beneficial if you are juggling a busy schedule.
  • Stress Reduction: Moving is inherently stressful, and having professionals handle the packing can reduce your stress levels significantly.
  • Insurance and Liability: Many full packing services offer insurance options, adding an extra layer of protection for your belongings.
  • Specialized Equipment and Supplies: The right packing materials and techniques are used for fragile or special items, reducing the risk of damage.

Cons of Full Packing Service

  • Cost: Full packing services can be expensive, sometimes amounting to several hundred or even thousands of dollars depending on the scale of your move.
  • Less Personal Control: When you’re not the one doing the packing, you have less control over how things are organized, which can be uncomfortable for some people.
  • Potential for Mix-Ups: With someone else handling your belongings, there’s always a chance that things might not be packed the way you’d prefer or that items could be misplaced.

Pros of DIY Packing

  • Cost Savings: Doing it yourself will save you the cost of a professional service, which can be significant.
  • Full Control: You have complete control over how your items are packed, organized, and labeled.
  • Flexible Timing: You can pack at your own pace, spreading the work over several days or weeks if you prefer.

Cons of DIY Packing

  • Time-Consuming: Packing up an entire household is a big job that can take a considerable amount of time, especially if you’re doing it alone or without much help.
  • Risk of Damage: Without professional expertise, you may pack items in a way that makes them more susceptible to damage during the move.
  • Additional Stress: The process of packing can be exhausting and stressful, adding to the already high stress levels associated with moving.

In summary, if you have the budget for it and want to save time and reduce stress, a full packing service is often worth the investment. On the other hand, if you’re looking to save money and have the time and energy to devote to the task, packing yourself could be the better option.

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How Long It Takes Full Packing Of 1 Bedroom Home?

The time required to pack a 1-bedroom home can vary widely based on several factors including the amount of belongings, the complexity of items to be packed, and the number of people doing the packing. However, here are some general guidelines:

Professional Full Packing Services

If you’re hiring a full packing service, the process can be incredibly efficient. On average one-bedroom properties will require around 30-40 boxes. A team of 2 professional packers will need around 3 hours to pack and label these boxes for you.

DIY Packing

Doing it yourself is generally a slower process, especially if you’re working alone. You might need a full day to pack these boxes as you might not have experience or you might stop here and there going through your stuff. Using other people to pack for you is always much quicker as this is not a sentimental task for them.

How Long It Takes Full Packing Of 2 Bedroom Home?

The time required to fully pack a 2-bedroom home could take longer than a 1-bedroom property. It will all depend on how much stuff you have. Here are some general guidelines for both professional services and DIY efforts:

Professional Full Packing Services

When using a professional full packing service, a 2-bedroom home usually takes anywhere from 4 to 8 hours to pack completely. Professional services use a team of packers who are experienced and have efficient methods for securely packing items.

DIY Packing

If you’re packing yourself, the timeframe can vary widely based on your own speed, the help you have, and the amount of belongings you own. A DIY effort for a 2-bedroom home could reasonably take 2-3 days if you are working alone or with just one other person. This estimate assumes several hours of focused work each day. Keep in mind that you’ll also need time to acquire packing materials, which could include multiple trips to buy or pick up boxes, tape, and other supplies.

In both scenarios, decluttering before packing can save time. Removing items that you no longer need or want means less to pack, less to move, and potentially less to unpack in your new home.

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Liability and Insurance: The Pros and Cons of Letting Professionals Handle Your Belongings

Letting professionals handle your belongings through a full packing service comes with its own set of pros and cons in terms of liability and insurance, which are important to consider when weighing your options.


  • Insurance Coverage: Most professional moving and packing companies offer various types of insurance options. This can range from basic coverage that’s included in the service fee to more extensive plans that offer full-value protection for your belongings.
  • Expert Handling: Professionals are trained to pack and handle a wide range of items, from fragile glassware to large furniture, minimizing the risk of damage during the move.
  • Clear Liability Terms: Reputable companies often have clear terms and conditions that outline their liability in the event of loss or damage. This provides a structured avenue for recourse if something goes wrong.
  • Specialized Equipment: Professional services use specialized packing materials and equipment to secure items for transit, which can be especially beneficial for high-value or fragile items that require special handling.


  • Cost: Purchasing additional insurance coverage can add to the overall cost of the move, making it more expensive than a DIY approach where you assume the risks yourself.
  • Limited Personal Control: When you hand over your belongings to a service, you’re relying on their judgment for how best to pack and secure your items. If you have specific, non-standard requirements, they might not be met to your satisfaction.
  • Potential for Miscommunication: In some cases, there might be misunderstandings about the level of service or insurance coverage provided, leading to disputes if items are damaged or lost.
  • Dependence on Company Reputation: The quality of liability coverage and professional handling can vary widely between companies. If you opt for a less reputable service to save money, you might be risking lower-quality packing and less reliable insurance coverage.

In summary, letting professionals handle your belongings generally offers stronger assurances of safety and accountability but comes at a financial cost and with some relinquishing of personal control. As with many aspects of moving, the best choice depends on your personal circumstances, priorities, and the level of risk you’re comfortable assuming.

Who Can Benefit From Full Packing Service?

  • Busy professionals often find these services invaluable, as it allows them to focus on work commitments without the distraction of needing to pack up their home.
  • Families with young children or elderly members may also find the convenience and efficiency of a packing service to be a huge relief, as it enables them to attend to the needs of their family members without the added burden of packing.
  • People moving out of large properties will save lots of time using full or partial packing services done by professionals. It could also save you money too, as you can continue working while someone else is doing the packing for you.
  • Long distances or internationally may benefit from professional packing services, as these experts are trained in packing items in a way that minimizes damage over extended transit.

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