What Is A Moving Home Survey

A moving home survey is conducted by a removal company to assess your property and the items that need to be moved. This step is vital for the removal team to provide an accurate quote for their services. During the survey, a representative from the moving company will visit your home to inspect each room, including bedrooms, offices, lofts, and sheds. It’s your responsibility to guide them through your home, indicating what needs to be moved and what stays. This includes granting access to all areas, even inside cupboards and hidden spaces, to ensure a precise quotation.

Moving home survey

Moving Home Survey Process

The representative will need to see every area of your property to provide an accurate quote. You’ll need to point out items that are not being moved or sold before the move. This helps in avoiding unnecessary costs in your final quote. It’s also the time to discuss any special care or packing needs for items like paintings, antiques, or sentimental objects. If you’re planning to buy additional furniture before the move, mention this too, as it affects the space needed in the removal van.

How Long Does Home Survey Last?

The length of a home removal survey typically depends on the size of your property. On average, it can take about 30 minutes. The goal is to keep the survey as efficient as possible, especially since most companies offer this as a free service.

Questions to Expect and Ask

The removal company will inquire about accessibility, budget, the number of rooms, and any special requirements like pets or moving with elderly relatives. It’s equally important for you to ask questions about the company’s insurance, additional services they offer, and their plan for organizing the move.

So in no specific order, what questions you can ask?

  • If I am doing the packing, how do you want the boxes to be labelled?
  • Which furniture can be transported with the items inside?
  • Do I need to take the items from the loft before the move or your men will do it?
  • Do you come one day before to do the packing?
  • Do I need to arrange parking or the movers will do it?
  • How long does it take to receive the quotation?
  • Will you tell me how many boxes will be needed for the packing?
  • Will the removal men use protection for the floors and doors?
  • What happens if the calculations are wrong?

On the other hand, you can expect the removal specialist to ask you questions about:

  • What furniture will go and what will stay?
  • Will you pack everything or do you need a price for packing?
  • Is the parking outside free if you live in a flat?
  • Do you have a certain time you need to be out of the property?
  • Can you show them the loft/basement/outdoor areas if your property has any of these?

Best Time To Discuss Additional Services

During your home survey, discussing additional services with the removal company is key for a smooth move. Ask about their packing and moving services, which can include full, partial, or customized options for delicate items, and check if they provide necessary packing materials. It’s also important to inquire about furniture dismantling and reassembling, especially for bulky items. If you need storage solutions, whether short-term or long-term, ensure to discuss the security and conditions of the storage facilities offered.

Furthermore, address the handling of fragile or valuable items, and confirm if specialized services like white-glove handling are available. Clarify the insurance coverage for your belongings during the move to ensure protection against damage or loss. Lastly, don’t hesitate to mention any specific needs or requests you might have, such as help with unpacking or specific item placement in your new home, as many companies are willing to accommodate custom requests for a more personalized moving experience.

Looking for reliable movers that offer home surveys?

Video Home Removals Survey

A modern alternative to the traditional survey is the video home removals survey. This involves using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop to show your home to the removal company remotely. It’s a quicker and potentially less costly method, where you guide an adviser through your home using your device’s camera.

What Not To Do During Video Home Survey?

  • Avoid moving too quickly or erratically during a video home survey, as this can make it difficult for the surveyor to accurately assess and record the details of each room and item.
  • Do not overlook showing storage areas or closets, as failing to display these spaces can lead to an incomplete assessment and potentially inaccurate moving quotes.
  • Refrain from withholding information about large or fragile items that require special handling, as this could result in inadequate preparation and resources on moving day.
  • It’s important not to neglect showing the outside of your property, including garages and sheds, as these areas can contain significant items that impact the overall scope and cost of your move.

How To Prepare?

There is no really specific preparation process when it comes to a moving company representative visiting your home or showing your home over a video chat. Most people probably will try to clean and tidy before the survey. The reality is moving specialists don`t care. What they look for is which furniture is going, how much there is to pack and access conditions. Of course, a tidy home can make the survey finish quicker.

If there are areas in your home which require keys or codes, make sure you have them ready. Throughout my long experience as a moving company owner, I have had people who didn`t have access to their garage, the garden office shed and once the property agent showed me the property and forgot the keys for the whole property. Without seeing what is behind the doors, you can expect wrong calculations and possible issues on the moving day.

Another important advice would be to make sure there is enough light everywhere. Typically during a moving home survey the loft, the basement or the garden shed has little to no light. Many times the lights on the loft don`t work and the surveyor must use his/her phone to look around. If this is a video survey it will be an almost impossible task to get an accurate calculation.

Lastly, if you want to present yourself as a friendly person you can leave some cookies or sweets on the table and have tea or coffee ready. You don`t have to do any of this, but it is always better than nothing.

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