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West London Movers

Why Hire West London Removal Help?

Professional movers will be much quicker, stronger and more equipped than you. It some cases it might cost less too.

Choosing a professional removal company for your West London move makes the process easier and more secure. Their local area knowledge means quicker, hassle-free moves, avoiding traffic snags. They pack and handle your items with care, reducing damage risks. Plus, with their insurance and extra services like storage, your move is smoother and worry-free.

But why do many people look for a local removal firm in West London? Some of the main advantages are:


  • Get a home survey by a local moving expert to avoid misleading prices and issues on the moving day
  • Most West London removal firms sell boxes and if you buy from them they might deliver for free
  • Local movers will come on time as the chance for too much traffic will be slim
  • The drivers should know the area and know how to avoid the traffic
  • Local relocation firms tend to be 20% cheaper compared to a nationwide relocation firms
Removals North London

West London Local Information

What you should consider if want to move to West London or you move locally and you want to know more.

Property Prices

The average house price is £496,250. The price can vary depending on the area, property condition and size.

Moving Cost

£525 is the mid-price for a 2 bedroom property to be moved. For a 3-bed house, the price range is £595-£910 moving only.

Moving Requests

The most house moving requests every month we receive are from Ilford, Romford, and Hackney.

Most Used Extra Help

The most requested extra services are packing of the boxes and taking the furniture apart.

Best Time To Move

Sunday is the cheapest and least busy day to move, while March and November are the best moving months.

How To Plan Your West London House Move?

Helpful tips and planning advice from Book House Removals based on thousands of customers we have helped so far.

Get Quotes 

Get prices from couple of movers so you can set your moving budget. This easily done through Book House Removals as we will take care of supplying the companies for you.


Things you don`t need can be donated or sold. The less you move, the cheaper the quotes will be. It makes no sense, to take stuff to your new home and still not use them.

Get Boxes And Pack

If you are not using professional packing service, try to get boxes 2-3 weeks before the move and start the packing early to avoid stresfull packing a day before your move.

Organize Parking

Parking can be challenging and expensive in East London. To pay less for your move, try to suspend parking right in front of your main door as walking can cost more.

Customers Feedback

Check some of the good reviews we have received recently.

“Superb service! The movers I found through this website were not only affordable but also incredibly careful with my belongings. Best decision for my move!”

Stephanie, Google


“Quick and reliable. I found a top-notch South London removal service that outshined all others I’ve used before. A real game-changer in moving!”

Manpreet, Trustpilot


“No time wasted on searching movers. Within 2 hours I got many professionals calling me to offer prices. Overal very happy with the service.”

Sarah, Trustpilot


Top Removals West London 2024

Here is a list of the top moving specialists sorted by alphabet order.

Alexanders Removals

Alexanders Removals provides a comprehensive house removals service, tailored to make your move as smooth and efficient as possible. They offer a range of specialized services, including secure document shredding, recycling of unwanted items, delivery of packing materials, and bespoke crate production for valuable items like paintings and sculptures. Additionally, Alexanders Removals caters to unique needs such as overseas shipping, moving delicate items like pianos and antiques, and even provides services like furniture dismantling and reassembly, ensuring every aspect of your move is handled with care and expertise.

Tel: 0333 800 2323/ Email: info@alexandersgroup.co.uk

Barans Removals

Barans Removals, a family-run business established in 1978 in Twickenham, specializes in both house and commercial removals, offering a wide range of services including packing and storage across the UK, Europe, and worldwide. As members of the National Guild of Removers and Storers and the Removals Industry Ombudsman Scheme, they adhere to high standards of quality and conduct, ensuring customer satisfaction with their well-maintained fleet and comprehensive liability cover. Known for their customer-oriented approach, the polite and friendly team at Barans Removals is fully trained and uniformed, providing a seamless and secure moving experience with a focus on safety and professionalism.

Tel: 0800 195 8393/ Email: stefan@baransremovals.com

Movivan Removals

Movivan Removals, a distinguished West London house removals company, boasts an impressive record with over 1500 excellent reviews, reflecting their commitment to exceptional service. Specializing in a range of removal services, they cater to both local and long-distance moves with a focus on customer satisfaction and efficiency. Their experienced team ensures a seamless moving experience, providing reliable packing, transportation, and handling of all belongings with utmost care and professionalism.

Tel: 020 8003 3260 / Email: office@movivan.co.uk

West London Removals

West London Removals is renowned for their exceptional customer service, they are committed to understanding and meeting your specific requirements, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free moving experience. As a fully insured company, they not only provide top-notch removal services but also offer packaging and storage solutions, all at excellent value for money. With their professional, reliable, and friendly approach, West London Removals stands out as the ideal choice for anyone seeking a comprehensive and efficient removal service in London.

Tel: 020 8090 3830 / Email: info@westlondonremovals.co.uk

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