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Comparing Cardiff removal companies can give you the chance to uncover the most cost-effective solutions tailored to your specific moving needs. This approach allows you to find a balance between quality service and affordability, ensuring a stress-free and budget-friendly house move.

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Why Compare Cardiff Removal Experts?

The best tool to save time searching. Comparing can lower your final price. Here are the main 4 reasons why should use our comparison services:

  • Cost Efficiency:   Check and compare prices offered by local moving firms.
  • Services Offered:   Get help with packing the boxes or taking the furniture apart when moving in Cardiff.
  • Availability:   Having multiple options to choose from, gives you the time to decide which company you want to hire.
  • Safe Transport:   Comparing Cardiff house movers can lower the risk of negligent transport.

Cheapest Day To Hire Cardiff Removals

Hiring house removal services at the beginning of the week, such as Monday or Tuesday, is generally more affordable compared to the end of the week. Fridays and Saturdays typically see higher rates due to increased demand as people prefer moving on weekends.

The lower demand at the start of the week often results in more competitive pricing and greater availability from removal companies. Therefore, planning a move on a Monday or Tuesday can lead to significant cost savings compared to opting for a Friday or Saturday.

Cheapest Month To Hire Cardiff Movers

The cheapest month to hire a Cardiff removals help is usually January or February. Prices can be 15% to 20% cheaper at this time of the year. These months fall right after the busy holiday season, leading to a significant drop in moving demand. As a result, removal companies often lower their prices to attract customers during this period of reduced activity. This makes the post-holiday months an ideal time for those looking to move on a budget, offering potential savings compared to peak moving times like summer and early autumn.

Additional Cardiff Services

Which additional services do customers ask for to get price quotes and estimates?

Packing Service

The most searched Cardiff moving service after the transport is the packing of the boxes.

Dismantle & Assembly

Taking beds and wardrobes apart can be daunting, so most people choose the movers to do it.


Some Cardiff relocation companies offer short or long-term storage. Using a combined service can be a good cost-effective solution.

“It takes no more than 2-3 minutes really. Their comparison tool allowed us to easily evaluate different companies, leading us to a service that provided exceptional value and professionalism.”

Alice and Tom, Cardiff


Best Cardiff Areas To Relocate

Find out what are some of the best areas to relocate if you still haven`t found a place to move.

For Singles

For singles moving to Cardiff, the best areas often combine vibrant nightlife, cultural hotspots, and convenient city living. Areas like Cardiff Bay and Pontcanna are popular choices. Cardiff Bay offers a modern living experience with its waterfront bars, restaurants, and cultural attractions like the Wales Millennium Centre. Pontcanna, known for its chic cafes, parks, and proximity to the city centre, is ideal for those who enjoy a lively, cosmopolitan lifestyle.

For Families

For families, areas with green spaces, good schools, and a strong sense of community are preferable. Suburbs like Radyr and Llandaff are top choices. Radyr, with its excellent schools and family-friendly amenities, offers a quieter, suburban feel while still being close to the city. Llandaff, known for its historic cathedral and village-like atmosphere, provides a peaceful environment with easy access to parks and good schools, making it ideal for family living.

Top Cardiff Movers

If you don`t want to be bothered comparing prices, check our list of top local firms.

Intercity Removals

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Red Lions Removals

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Lucas Removals

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Living In Cardiff Facts

Curious about life in Cardiff? Wondering about its affordability and safety? These are common queries for those considering a move to Cardiff, a dynamic city located in the heart of Wales.

What’s the average property price in Cardiff? Property prices in Cardiff vary, with detached homes averaging around £280,000 and terraced houses approximately £200,000, making it an appealing option for those in search of affordable housing in a lively urban setting.

Looking for the safest areas to live in Cardiff? Neighbourhoods like Pontcanna and Rhiwbina are often lauded for their low crime rates and a strong sense of community, while areas like Lisvane and Whitchurch offer a balance of safety and suburban charm.

And how much for a single bus fare in Cardiff? With a single bus fare typically costing around £2.60, Cardiff’s public transportation system provides convenient access to the city’s various neighbourhoods and cultural attractions at a reasonable price.

Moving to Swansea instead?

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Cardiff Removal Companies FAQs

Get answers to almost everything you don`t understand. Make an informative decision on who to hire.

Will the removal men dismantle my furniture?

Most removal companies in Cardiff offer furniture dismantling and reassembling services as part of their package. However, it’s important to confirm this service in advance with the specific removal company you choose. Always communicate any large or complex furniture items you have to ensure proper handling and preparation.

What are the peak hours to avoid moving in Cardiff?

In Cardiff, peak hours to avoid when planning a move are typically during the morning and evening rush hours. These are usually from 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM and again from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM on weekdays. During these times, traffic congestion is at its highest, particularly in central areas and on major routes like the M4 and A48.

Additionally, lunchtime hours around 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM can also see increased traffic, especially in commercial and downtown areas. Avoiding these peak hours can lead to a smoother, quicker moving process with less time stuck in traffic.

Can I get a fixed quote for my move-in Cardiff?

Yes, you can obtain a fixed quote for your move in Cardiff. Most removal companies offer the option of a fixed quote following an assessment of your moving needs, such as the size of your property and the distance of the move. This ensures that you have a clear understanding of the total cost upfront, without any unexpected expenses on moving day.

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