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East London Movers

Using East London Removals Benefits

Professional movers will have big vans, blankets and trolleys ready and experience in handling heavy and fragile items.

Hiring East London removal experts instead of attempting a DIY move is highly beneficial. Skilled removal men can reduce the risk of damage by properly wrapping your furniture and carefully taking everything out of the property. They come equipped with the necessary tools and vehicles, saving you the trouble of renting moving equipment and ensuring a safer, quicker relocation. By delegating the physical labor to experts, you avoid the strain and potential injuries associated with heavy lifting, while their familiarity with East London’s unique logistics and regulations ensures a smooth, stress-free transition.

But why do many people look for a local removal firm in East London? Some of the main advantages are:


  • They will be willing to visit your property for a survey, so they can give you a fixed price
  • You can get the packing materials delivered for free
  • Lower chances the movers will arrive late
  • The drivers should know the area and know how to avoid the traffic
  • Local relocation firms tend to be 20% cheaper compared to a natiowide relocation firms
Removals North London

East London Local Information

What you should consider if want to move to East London or you move locally and you want to know more.

Property Prices

The average house price is £496,250. The price can vary depending on the area, property condition and size.

Moving Cost

£525 is the mid-price for a 2 bedroom property to be moved. For a 3-bed house, the price range is £595-£910 moving only.

Moving Requests

The most house moving requests every month we receive are from Ilford, Romford, and Hackney.

Most Used Extra Help

The most requested extra services are packing of the boxes and taking the furniture apart.

Best Time To Move

Sunday is the cheapest and least busy day to move, while March and November are the best moving months.

How To Plan Your East London House Move?

Helpful tips and planning advice from Book House Removals based on thousands of customers we have helped so far.

Get Quotes 

Get prices from couple of movers so you can set your moving budget. This easily done through Book House Removals as we will take care of supplying the companies for you.


Things you don`t need can be donated or sold. The less you move, the cheaper the quotes will be. It makes no sense, to take stuff to your new home and still not use them.

Get Boxes And Pack

If you are not using professional packing service, try to get boxes 2-3 weeks before the move and start the packing early to avoid stresfull packing a day before your move.

Organize Parking

Parking can be challenging and expensive in East London. To pay less for your move, try to suspend parking right in front of your main door as walking can cost more.

Customers Feedback

Check some of the good reviews we have received recently.

“Superb service! The movers I found through this website were not only affordable but also incredibly careful with my belongings. Best decision for my move!”

Stephanie, Google


“Quick and reliable. I found a top-notch South London removal service that outshined all others I’ve used before. A real game-changer in moving!”

Manpreet, Trustpilot


“No time wasted on searching movers. Within 2 hours I got many professionals calling me to offer prices. Overal very happy with the service.”

Sarah, Trustpilot


Top Removals East London 2024

Here is a list of the top moving specialists sorted by alphabet order.

Casey`s Removals

Casey’s Removals offers unparalleled expertise for your East London house move, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience. Their dedicated team specializes in efficient packing and safe transportation, guaranteeing the security of your belongings throughout the move. Additionally, their local knowledge of East London’s streets and regulations ensures a swift and seamless transition to your new home, saving you time and hassle.

Tel: 020 8780 2348/ Email:

MTC Removals

MTC Removals and Storage offers a highly efficient and cost-effective moving solution. Their services, including comprehensive packing, Man and Van hire, IT relocation, and office moves, are tailored to fit any budget and requirement. Utilizing Video surveys for accurate estimates, they ensure transparency and precision in pricing. Whether it’s a local or long-distance move, their experienced team is equipped to handle your relocation needs smoothly, making them an ideal choice for both residential and commercial moves.

Tel: 0800 294 0566/ Email:

Top Removals

Top Removals is known for its reliable and efficient moving services in London. They offer a range of solutions for both local and long-distance relocations, ensuring safe and stress-free moves. With their expertise in packing, storage, and transportation, Top Removals makes moving a simpler and more secure experience.

Tel: 020 7205 2525 / Email:

Trek Removals

Trek Removals epitomizes quality, reliability, and exceptional customer service in the moving industry, particularly within London. With over 15 years of experience, they offer comprehensive removal services, whether you’re relocating within the city or across the country. Known for their meticulous care in handling possessions, Trek Removals provides a suite of services including packing, storage, and furniture dismantling, ensuring a hassle-free and secure moving experience.

Tel: 020 7160 2059 / Email:

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