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Looking for the best Edinburgh moving rates? Need help moving heavy furniture and maybe a professional packing service? We find the best Edinburgh removal companies for you, so you don`t have to waste your time.

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Why Compare Edinburgh Removal Services?

Matching prices can lower the final price by 30%. The quickest way to compare reviews and services offered. Here are the main 4 reasons why should use our comparison services:

  • Cost Efficiency:   Comparing quotes can uncover more affordable rates while maintaining the standard of service.
  • Services Offered:   Get extra help like packing fragile items or taking the beds and wardrobes apart.
  • Availability:   With a couple of quotes in hand, there is always a chance someone is available on the requested date.
  • Safe Transport:   Comparing Edinburgh movers can lower the risk of negligent transport.

What Is The Best Day To Hire An Edinburgh Moving Company?

The best day to use house removals in Edinburgh often depends on individual preferences and circumstances. Weekdays are typically less busy than weekends, potentially offering more availability and possibly lower rates. However, choosing a day with favourable weather, particularly avoiding Edinburgh’s rainy days, can make the moving process smoother and more comfortable.

SizeMoving Price Range
1 bed315-450
2 beds413-650
3 beds570-910

Best Months To Hire Edinburgh Moving Help

In Edinburgh, the best months to hire house removal services at a lower cost are typically during the late autumn and winter months, from November to February. During this period, demand for moving services decreases significantly due to colder weather and the inconvenience of moving during the holiday season. This leads to more competitive pricing and greater availability of removal services.

On the other hand, the peak moving season, which includes the late spring and summer months from May to August, tends to be the most expensive. This is due to higher demand, coinciding with better weather conditions and the preference for families to move during school holidays.

Additional Edinburgh Services

Which additional services do customers ask for to get price quotes and estimates?

Packing Service

The most searched Edinburgh moving service after the transport is the packing of the boxes.

Dismantle & Assembly

Taking beds and wardrobes apart can be daunting, so most people choose the movers to do it.


Some Edinburgh relocation companies offer short or long-term storage. Using a combined service can be a good cost-effective solution.

“We were thrilled with the ease of comparing different removal services through this comparison website. It made our decision much simpler, and we ended up with a reliable, cost-effective company that exceeded our expectations.”

Carolina and Joel, Edinburgh


Best Edinburgh Areas To Relocate

Find out what are some of the best areas to move to if you still haven`t found a place.

For Singles

For singles moving to Edinburgh, the best area often depends on personal lifestyle and preferences. The city center, including areas like Old Town and New Town, is ideal for those seeking a vibrant, urban experience. These areas are rich in history, bustling with cultural activities, nightlife, and easy access to restaurants and shops. They’re also well-connected by public transport, making them convenient for commuting and exploring the city. The proximity to the University of Edinburgh and other institutions makes these neighbourhoods particularly appealing to young professionals and academics.

For Families

For families, areas like Morningside, Stockbridge, and Corstorphine are highly recommended. Morningside offers a more relaxed, suburban feel with excellent schools, family-friendly cafes, and parks, making it ideal for those with children. Stockbridge, known for its village-like atmosphere, provides a mix of city living with a sense of community, along with access to good schools and local amenities. Corstorphine, further out from the city center, is another great choice for families, offering spacious homes, good schools, and green spaces, suitable for those seeking a quieter, more residential setting.

Top Edinburgh Movers

If you don`t want to be bothered comparing prices, check our list of top local firms.

Castle Removals

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EH1 Edinburgh Removals

0.0 out of 5 stars (based on 0 reviews)

Kerrs Removals

0.0 out of 5 stars (based on 0 reviews)

Instant Move

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Living In Edinburgh Facts

Curious about life in Edinburgh? Wondering about its affordability and safety? These are common queries for those considering a move to Edinburgh, a historic and culturally rich city located in the heart of Scotland.

What’s the average property price in Edinburgh? Property prices in Edinburgh vary, with detached homes averaging around £350,000 and terraced houses approximately £280,000, making it an attractive option for those seeking housing in a vibrant urban setting.

Looking for the safest areas to live in Edinburgh? Neighbourhoods like Morningside and Stockbridge are often praised for their low crime rates and lively community spirit, while areas like Corstorphine and Bruntsfield offer a blend of safety and suburban charm.

And how much for a single bus fare in Edinburgh? With a single bus fare costing around £2.60, Edinburgh’s public transportation system offers convenient access to the city’s diverse neighborhoods and cultural attractions at an affordable rate.

Edinburgh Removals FAQs

Get answers to almost everything you don`t understand. Make an informative decision on who to hire.

Do Edinburgh movers provide storage too?

Many Edinburgh moving companies offer storage solutions in addition to their moving services. This can be especially beneficial for those who need a temporary space to keep their belongings during transitional periods, such as home renovations or delayed move-in dates. These storage services typically include options for both short-term and long-term storage, ensuring flexibility to meet varying customer needs.

Will the movers move the cupboards with clothes inside?

Movers generally advise against moving cupboards with clothes inside for safety and efficiency reasons. Transporting a cupboard with contents inside can cause damage to both the furniture and the items within, due to shifting or falling during the move. It is recommended to empty the cupboard and pack the clothes separately to ensure a safer and more secure moving process.

Is a home moving survey necessary?

A home moving survey is often necessary and highly beneficial for a smooth relocation process. It allows the moving company to assess the volume and type of items to be moved, identify any special requirements, and provide a more accurate cost estimate. Additionally, the survey helps in planning logistics, such as determining the size of the moving truck needed and the number of movers required, ensuring a more efficient and tailored moving experience.

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